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GRO to Church Cross Reference for Marriages
The data for this site has been gathered and made freely available by
Neil DunGeoff ColeLesley SuttonDerek Allen

This page allows simpler navigation around the marriage index. It makes extensive use of javascript, so in order to use this page you must enable it within your browser

Instead of statically generated and uploaded pages, the data you want to view will be dynamically rendered onto the web pages from a database.

GRO Cross Reference
Upon initial display, a table on the left will detail all the registration districts for which information has been gathered.
By clicking on the districts, the churches contained within that district, and the range of data gathered for the church will be displayed in a table to the right.
From this district/church table, when clicking on the church, the raw information will be displayed - detailing the page ranges for each of the year and qtrs. To return to the list of churches for the district, you can click on the district again in the left hand table, or click anywhere on the displayed church.

To display the list of churches for a particular year and district, use gthe drop down boxes.
When you select a particular district, the year drop down adjacent to it will be refreshed with the years for which data exists
When a year is selected, the data for the district and year will be displayed in the main panel - this may take a few seconds as the date is retrieved from the database
To display data for another district and/or year, repeat the process

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Non Conformist Data
Information has also been gathered for non conformist marriages, which is also recorded in the GRO Index.
In the early years, the information for these places of marriage were not given their own distinct range of pages, with the marriages being recorded near the end of the pages in no particular order.
As the marriages cannot be attributed to any particular range of pages the details on these marriages have been extracted in full (i.e. all marriages for the quarter, not full marriage details) and are presented in a simple look up list
If a marriage you are searching for on the main cross reference flags up as being on a "non conformist" page range - there may be more information for the marriage (i.e. spouse) on in this look up list

Click here for the non conformists Cross Reference information